In lieu of today’s WW photo reveal at SDCC let us remember who can kick her scrawny behind in seconds

Old school crossover DC vs Marvel.

Happy Birthday, Reilly Brown!!!


I first ‘discovered’ Reilly three, maybe four (?) years ago. I loved his art, his clean, beautiful lines, the way he drew faces.

He also happens to be a really nice guy.

From Deadpool to Power Play and everything in between, check out his work then wish the man many happy returns of the day!


Deadpool and Bob






Ice Queen




Hawkman and Hawkgirl


Red Sonja






Big Barda - my one and only commission from Reilly.
(Must fix that before he gets so popular that I can’t afford him!)

Happy birthday, Reilly!!


Ant-Hannah Washington

Hanna Washington was a special little girl growing up. She had a singular goal and objective since she could walk; Become a superhero. Early aptitude tests confirmed that she had heroic tendencies, this brought her to the attention of the government who subtly manipulated her to meet her destiny. A simple switch of a flu vaccine with an experimental toxin was the first step. 99% of those exposed to the toxin died after developing cancer, leukemia and other diseases. She still remained relatively normal though so they orchestrated her parents break up and her father’s eventual death by electrical chair. She breifly fell into mental incapacitation and was sent to an asylum after she already chronicled her entire heroic future in her diaries. When she got out she got a grant to study at Harvard. Here she stumbled onto a breakthrough by accident as she tried to create a formula to generate skin cells for burn victims using Ant DNA. It resulted in her discovering her “ant suit”.

The first time she used her powers subconsciously was when a group of men attempted to rape her. The government used the incident to have her “jailed” and taken to a remote location with other potentials to be trained extensively. Here they exposed her to alien bug nanotechnology which she molded into her “ant suit” which she could control with her mind. On the first mission alongside other operatives she apparently “died”. It’s unclear how she survived but she was then amnesiac and returned to using the tin spray to activate her powers. She became a stripper and a local urban legend. The government eventually tracks her down and try to take her back. Whether they were successful of not has not been revealed.

Ant possesses the ability to generate a protective Exoskeleton which grants her enhanced speed, resistance to injury, superhuman strength and bulletproof skin. In addition she has antennae which provide her with super-human level senses and she can stick to most surfaces.

This exoskeleton, appears to be generated by use of her blood-sugar. When it wears down, it becomes brittle and breaks off easily. In order to regenerate her shell she must recharge her blood-sugar levels. Often she uses a some kind of spray-can with an ant symbol to do this.

She has precognition about her own future and destiny.

Comics preview Dynamite Entertainment: CHASTITY #2

Story by Marc Andreyko // Art by Dave Acosta

Cover by Emanuela Lupacchino

Release date: Wednesday, August 6th , 2014


After last issue’s bloody ending, Chastity struggles to live! But, even if she survives, will she be human, vampire, or something else entirely? And the brazen— and horrific actions —- of the malevolent Alyce Stonecliff bring her some most unwanted attention! Who are the Council?! The all-new origin of the classic CHAOS! character continues here!

For more info: .

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Does T'Challa have a close relationship with any members on the Avengers team?


The Avengers’ roster can get pretty crazy so we’ll stick with the MCU version for the next few questions.

Of the current members, the Black Panther is definitely closest to the Big 3: Captain America, Iron Man and Thor. We’ll cover each individually later, but here’s a quick summary:

Captain America and T’Challa first met when they both fought against Baron Zemo (subtly referenced here). Cap had just taken a break from being an Avenger and after working with T’Challa, he decided he’d be perfect to take his spot on the team. Since then they’ve been on countless missions together and Steve is like a brother to him.


T’Challa and Tony have a sort of volatile relationship. They both know to turn to each other when there’s a problem they have trouble solving, but they’ve been on opposite sides many times. Tony once tried to get T’Challa kicked out of the Avengers. T’Challa took Cap’s side during Civil War so they fought then too. But most of the time, they have a “Science Bros” relationship like Tony and Bruce. Only difference is T’Challa has much less patience for Tony’s ego.


T’Challa’s relationship with the man he often refers to as “Thunder God” is one of mutual respect. Perhaps it has something to do with both being sons of nobility, but they just seem to “get” each other. It’s also probably related to the fact that they’ve both been Avengers for a very long time.


Panel sources: 1, 2, 3

-We Are Wakanda

If one day Black Panther take a part in an Avengers movie I hope his relationship with the other members will be treated like these. :-)



Detective Comics #859

Parents should always be proud of their children regardless of the choices taken for their lives. The most important things to be are their happiness, honour and intégrity.



I’m reading the comic book “Red Sonja versus Thulsa Doom" , and in the first panel with Thulsa Doom the character look like exactly the same as the character of Thulsa Doom played by James Earl Jones in the classic movie “Conan the Barbarian" in 1982! AND THIS IS A GREAT AND VERY COOL HOMMAGE!!!

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Detective Comics Annual #3 - “Chaos Theory”

written by Brian Buccellato
art by Werther Dell’Edera, Jorge Fornes, & Scott Hepburn 

"Happy Birthday, Aden ." "…and he forgot my birthday…"

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Wonder Woman Does What Needs To Be Done

Wonder Woman #219

Damn ! Diana finished this guy like Kal-el has finished Zod in “Man of Steel”! Villains, you are warned! The Heroes of DC don’t have time to cogitate!

Dark Horse Preview : GHOST #7 

Story by Christopher Sebela // Art by Jan Duursema

Cover by Jenny Frison .Ghost is drawn into the dangerous underground of black market weaponry!

The tech-savvy bounty hunter observing Ghost has pinpointed her weaknesses—and now he’s ready to take her down and deliver her to his mysterious employers!

Release date: Wednesday August 13th, 2014

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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #328 (Jan. 1990)Art by Todd McFarlane (pencils/inks) & Bob Sharen (colors)Words by David Michelinie

Because everybody want to be the goddamn Batman!
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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #328 (Jan. 1990)
Art by Todd McFarlane (pencils/inks) & Bob Sharen (colors)
Words by David Michelinie

Because everybody want to be the goddamn Batman!

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Original Sin: Thor & Loki #2-4 Covers by Simone Bianchi / Blog

Artwork of Simone Bianchi is always perferct!

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Marvel Comics preview: BLACK WIDOW #9 - Friend From Foe

Story by Nathan Edmondson // Art by Phil Noto

“FRIEND FROM FOE.” In the pursuit of XAOC, Black Widow finds THE PUNISHER! And they are trapped on an abandoned oil tanker rigged to explode with CROSSBONES and his SKULL SQUAD! Don’t miss the other side of this action-packed crossover event in THE PUNISHER #9!

Release date: Wenesday, August 8th 2014

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It’s the final issue of BATWING….NOOOOOOOOO!!! :’-(

DC Comics preview: BATWING #34 - Purpose

Written by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti // Art by Eduardo Pansica //

Cover by Dan Panosian

While Luke Fox will return for a one-shot issue during September’s special Futures End month (complete with 3D motion cover), this Wednesday’s Batwing #34 will be the last installment of the Batwing series that began with the launch of the New 52 and a different hero under the armor three years ago.

Release date: August 6, 2014.