DC Comics preview: BATMAN/SUPERMAN #13

Story by Greg Pak // Art by Jae Lee .

A new arc begins following the events of “FIRST CONTACT.” The worlds of Batman and Superman come to an explosive clash as something terrible happens to the World’s Finest team, and a Dark Knight who is not quite himself must team up with Lois Lane to find a missing Man of Steel. Meanwhile, Selina Kyle encounters a person of amazing strength who has no idea who he is.


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Batman: Arkham City “1:6 scale” - Hot Toys


As a celebration for Batman’s 75th anniversary, Hot Toys introduces the Batman: Arkham City: 1:6th scale Batman Collectible Figure. The collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Batman from the game featuring a newly developed masked head sculpt with 2 interchangeable lower faces, newly sculpted muscular body and Batsuit, and detailed weapons. 

Hot Toys again…Masterpiece again !!

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GOTHAM ACADEMY interview with me is up on The Mary Sue! Plus new exclusive art from Karl Kerschl, and two variant covers by me! :D WOO! GET PSYCHED!!!

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Batfamily   - Dan Mora

Gotham City is a safe place with this “family" !!!

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Batman: The Animated Series

Woow. I don’t remember that Zatanna was in an episode of this series! This is an other argument for me to buy the entire series in DVD!^^

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Batman Eternal #18

Batwoman + Red Hood + Batgirl….that a badass team!



"I once thought I could protect the world by myself, but I was wrong… If we stay together as a team, we could be a force that could truly work for the ideals of peace and justice."

What a badasse team, seriously.

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oh shit

Batwing and the Joker’s Daughter in BATMAN ETERNAL.


Early designs for the Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm poster, by Bruce Timm. Note how they all just say “Batman - The Animated Movie” since it didn’t have a title yet. Personally, my favorite is the one with the Phantasm with the Batsignal behind. The one with Batman’s reflection on the Phantasm’s blade is amazing, too.

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I don’t know what I love more, Sassy Alfred or Batman throwing a tantrum.

Batman: Mask of th Phantasm" is the best Batman film after "The Dark Knight".

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Detective Comics Annual #3 - “Chaos Theory”

written by Brian Buccellato
art by Werther Dell’Edera, Jorge Fornes, & Scott Hepburn 

"Happy Birthday, Aden ." "…and he forgot my birthday…"

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It’s the final issue of BATWING….NOOOOOOOOO!!! :’-(

DC Comics preview: BATWING #34 - Purpose

Written by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti // Art by Eduardo Pansica //

Cover by Dan Panosian

While Luke Fox will return for a one-shot issue during September’s special Futures End month (complete with 3D motion cover), this Wednesday’s Batwing #34 will be the last installment of the Batwing series that began with the launch of the New 52 and a different hero under the armor three years ago.

Release date: August 6, 2014.



The Red Hood Reveals Himself

Batman #635

One of my favourite moments in Batman comics. And also in the animated movie “Batman: Under the Red Hood”.

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Batman Cowl Designs by Carlos D’Anda, Buff Monster, Conrad Leach, Mike PerryJustin Fines, Lee Bermejo, Derek Deal, Nathan Sawaya, Horsebites & Frank Iero

Part of the Cape/Cowl/Create exhibition which debuted at SDCC 2014 and will continue by touring the U.S. Presented in conjunction with DC Comics, Batman: Arkham Knight and Vice.

This is just perfect!!  All of them are welcome to my home! :<3 <3

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DC Comics Preview : BATMAN #33 - Savage City

Story by Scott Snyder // Art by Greg Capullo
Covers by Greg Capullo, Danny Miki, FCO Plascencia, Paolo Rivera , Bryan Hitch , Alex Sinclair.

It’s been one hell of a year in Gotham City, and it all comes down to this: Batman vs. The Riddler! Gotham City and the Dark Knight will never be the same! Don’t miss this special, extra-sized finale of “Zero Year!”

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